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Crane Forks with backstop
Model 660 Frame shown with
Model 660-01 General Purpose Tines
Simpler Design - No cables or pulleys
Crane Fork FRAME w/backstop
Model 660
Frame only - Select Tines below.
Model 660 w/Model 660-02 Block Tines
Model 660 Frame shown with Model 660-02 Block Tines

Self Shifting (spring loaded) Pickup Trolley
 Keeps forks level even when empty
  Maintains payload center of gravity to keep load level
Design Features
 King post adjusts for load heights from 42" to 65"
  Adjustable stop permits use of 36", 40" & 48" pallets
  Backstop helps stabilize load - 40" wide
  Forks spread up 40" wide (out to out)
Tines available in 2 styles

General Purpose Tines Model 660-01
These forks are the best choice for handling a wide variety of materials. The 46" long forks are ideal for standard 48" pallets.
Block Tines Model 660-02
These forks can be used with other materials including brick (just slide the forks together), but are especially adapted for use with cubed or banded block.
red bullit  Built-in handles on vertical post provide convenient grip for guiding forks into load.
red bullit
  Pickup Trolley accommodates up to a 5 ton hook.
red bullit
  All forks are forged and  tapered.
red bullit
  Load is carried with fork tips slightly tilted up to prevent load from sliding off. 
red bullit
  Spring helps return trolley to empty position when load is released.
red bullit
  A minimum load of 1100 to 1500 lbs. is required for proper trolley operation.
red bullit
 Caution: Never unload from a suspended pallet.
Frame not sold without set of tines
(Frame only)
Description Weight
660 King Post Frame with backstop 300 lbs.
(Tines only)
Description Capacity Weight
660-01 Gen. Purpose - set of 2 (1½ x 4" x 46") Forged Forks 6,000 lbs. 188 lbs.
660-02 Block - set of 6 (1½ x 2" x 47")Forged Forks 6,000 lbs. 258 lbs.
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