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Skeleton Bucket Model 150-72

Pick up large rocks and debris -

and leave the dirt behind.
A Star Skelton Bucket is perfect for this
purpose. The open ribbed bottom lets dirt
and material less than 2½" in size fall thru
while retaining the larger materials. These
rugged buckets are ideal for landscape work,
sorting materials, as well as for general
clean-up. Good applications for Star Skeleton
Buckets are found in many industries including
agriculture, construction, landscaping,
demolition and scrap handling. Low in cost,
they are easy to justify on almost any job.

What ever the application, you will find Star Skeleton Buckets are strong and durable. Heavy Duty
construction combined with intense emphasis on quality produces a bucket that will stand up on the
toughest of jobs. Buckets are available in popular 66", 72", and 84" widths.
  • Bottom Ribs 3/8" thick x 2 1/8" tall with a 4" tall raised step to help retain material.
  • 2½" open space between ribs lets smaller particles fall thru.
  • Overall Bucket Height – 20½"
  • Overall Bucket Depth – 34"
  • Bucket Sides and Back – ¼" plate
  • Leading edge – ¾" x 6" High Carbon Beveled Blade
  • Blade punched for Optional Bolt-on-Blade.
  • Heavy Duty Teeth are optional.
  • Closed Box Channel Section across top and 3¼" heavy angle section at bottom
    provides a strong structural backbone for the bucket.
  • Heavy Duty Universal-Fit Skid-Steer quick-tach fits all current full size skid-steer loaders.
skeleton bucket rear view of skeleton bucket
Model Width
w/Teeth w/Bolt-on Blade w/Plain Blade
150-66 66" 65.5" 14.2 ft3 555 lbs. 594 lbs. 505 lbs.
150-72 72" 71.5" 15.2 ft3 582 lbs. 630 lbs. 532 lbs
150-84 84" 83.5" 18.5 ft3 658 lbs. 703 lbs. 595 lbs.