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Skid-Steer Trash & Loose Material Hopper Model 151


    Handle Trash Efficiently and Easily.

Hoppers attach directly to the skid-steer quick-tach making it easy to place emptyTrash Hopper on the job hoppers where they are needed. When full, the 24° skid-steer can quickly transport the hoppers to the disposal area and dump into larger containers or onto a trash pile. These durable hoppers are ideal for concrete rubble, wallboard scraps, drop from the masonry saw, and most any type of construction or plant refuse.
Deliver & Place Landscape Materials, Sand,
and other loose materials at a lower cost.side viewing drawing with dimensions
Landscape contractors love the new skid-steer trash hoppers. At the yard a skid-steer can
quickly fill the hoppers with landscape materials such as gravel or mulch, and load them
onto the truck for delivery. At the jobsite a skid-steer picks the loaded hoppers off the truck
and dumps the material right where it is needed in the landscape. This provides a streamlined efficient method for getting material from the material yard to
trash and loose material hopper the jobsite placement area with minimal rehandling, less material loss, and fewer costs.

Heavy Duty Construction
for long-term durability.
These hoppers are built rugged. In fact,
they will probably outlast your skid-steer loader.
  • Shell & sides are constructed of rugged 3/16" steel plate.
  • Entire Top Lip is formed into a channel section for added
    strength & rigidity.
  • Heavy 1/2" x 3" flat bar is formed to provide a stable base when the
    hopper is free standing.
  • Reinforced Heavy Duty Universal Quick-Tach fits most skid-steer loaders.
  • Forklift pick-up points are provided for moving hoppers around the yard or
    loading onto trucks.
  • Optional Casters - makes it easy for one man to push a hopper around inside
    a building.

trash hopper
Typical Dump position at maximum
height with medium size skid-steer.
Dimensions will vary with make and
model of loader.
Model ID width Capacity Weight
151 48" 1.00 cuyd 558 lbs.
152 72" 1.50 cuyd 740 lbs.
153 84" 1.75 cuyd 775 lbs.