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Skid-Steer Buckets and Attachments

Forklift Auger Pallet
Auger Storage

Store & Protect your Augers

Built with Star Industries Heavy Duty construction this is a Forkframe that can stand up to today's more powerful loaders.
Forkframe Attachment
Safety step for easy access to seat.

Crane Jib
Telescoping Crane Jib
Reach Out - Reach Up - Pick Up

Get more life from your buckets.

Heavy Duty Augers
Drills holes fast. Whether in Rock,
Dirt, or in between.
Ideal for all drilling applications

Skid-Steer Buckets
Skid-Steer Buckets
Built stronger to last longer. Standard or Punched Blade with Bolt-On-Blade.

skeleton bucket
Skeleton Bucket
Pick up large rocks and debris
and leave the dirt behind

Angle Broom
Angle Broom
Designed for Heavy Duty Sweeping of dirt, dried mud, light snow, and other debris.

Use the controls on the player to stop, start and adjust volume & screen size.
A bucket and a mixer all in one.

concrete placement bucket
Concrete Placement Bucket

Place concrete in hard to reach areas for less cost

Skid-Steer Trailer Spotter
Trailer Spotter
Skid-steer loaders are ideal to move and position equipment when equipped with the new Star Trailer Spotter.

Regardless of which skid-steer loader you choose you should specify "Star Industries"  Skid Steer buckets or Skid Steer attachments.  Star Industries Skid Steer attachments  are built better,  last longer and give you the choices you want. Whatever the industry, skid steer users will find our Skid Steer Buckets  and Skid Steer attachments are indispensable.